The Office of the Vice President and General Counsel – Contracts Unit (OGC Contracts Unit) serves as the advocate and facilitator for the six colleges and related units of the Health Science Center (HSC), Gainesville for purposes of any and all service contracts.
Lawyers and other trained professionals employed in the OGC Contracts Unit
  •  Draft legal contractual documents
  •  Provide analytical review and revision of draft contracts submitted to HSC units
  •  Process such contractual documents for duly authorized signatures
The OGC Contracts Unit is charged with ensuring that all University HSC contracts are
  •  In conformance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations
  •  Equitable in terms of financial and other University interests
  •  Not in conflict with existing agreements, or limiting for future agreements
  •  Not exposing the University to liability risks unnecessarily
  •  Clear as to intent and obligations of the contracting parties
  •  Signed by duly authorized University representatives